Protx:Addressing Today’s Senior Living Exposures with Comprehensive Insurance Solutions

Protx Risk Management specializes in underwriting insurance coverages for a broad spectrum of senior living risks: from nursing homes to assisted living facilities, independent living facilities, home health care/hospice and retirement communities. We are seasoned specialty risk underwriters who understand senior living exposures and the insurance requirements needed to address the diverse challenges faced by these facilities.

At Protx, we work together with your agency to craft an insurance solution that meets or exceeds your expectations. Our goal is to provide senior living insurance that protects the facility and its management, people and clients/patients today and into the future.

Why Look to Protx for Senior Living Insurance Coverage

The hallmark of our success in the senior living insurance industry and why agents and brokers look to us for coverage solutions to respond to their clients’ needs is based on several key factors:

  • Industry Focus and Expertise:
    Protx focuses solely on independent living facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs), and home health care. We stay up to date on senior living issues and are trusted advisors to our distribution base to continually be able to address today’s challenges and tomorrow’s emerging issues.
  • Risk-by-Risk Underwriting:
    Our nimble operation and tailored approach with each risk stands alone among our competitors’ class or broad-brush underwriting with large books. We are committed to the senior living industry and its continued success.
  • Underwriting Analysis:
    We underwrite each risk on its own merit and work with you to offer different coverage and pricing alternatives. At Protx, we want you to work directly with our underwriters so that we both can gain a high level of trust and comfort in the relationship.
  • Service:
    When coverage between carriers is not drastically different, service becomes a huge issue and is often why people choose to do business with a firm. Our underwriters are owners of Protx, with world-class service directly linked to their success.