Improving Resident Satisfaction

Now more than ever, consumers and residents are paying closer attention to the quality and level of care they are receiving. With so many outlets online to disclose unbecoming information, ensuring resident satisfaction is a significant factor in your clients’ success. Aside from protecting their operation with a comprehensive Nursing Home Professional Liability insurance policy, share the following information with them.

In a recent HIDA survey, over 1,000 residents were interviewed regarding their healthcare experience in nursing homes and similar facilities. These surveys examined many measures and influencers of patient experience not typically captured by conventional government surveys like the Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS). This approach also helped reaffirm anecdotal evidence that patients and residents are going beyond the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services’ Five-Star Quality Rating System to research and rate providers, sharing their experiences on social media and on review sites like Yelp, says McKnight’s.

Cleanliness and infection prevention.

Keep hand sanitizers, masks, and sterilization products handy to keep the facility clean. Ensure employees uphold these standards to minimize the spread of germs and illness.

Create a comfortable environment.

Make the room home-like and include nice furnishings, linens, and comfortable furniture. This will make the place feel more personalized and comfortable.

Be efficient.

Two of the top three reasons patients cited dissatisfaction with providers were the inability to get laboratory results and diagnostic imaging results during the same appointment. Your residents, customers, and their families want test results in the same visit to begin treatment as soon as possible and to avoid traveling to a second location, says the article. By providing both, it saves the residents the stress and time of traveling to another place, especially in rural areas where they are not easily accessible.

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