Protx: Insuring CCRCs

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRCs) have attracted many older adults over the last several years and continue to do so as increasingly more Baby Boomers retire and look for the benefits of having a continuum of care with options for completely independent living, assisted living, and even nursing home-level care. Residents with CCRCs have access to the appropriate level of care at each life stage without having to relocate to other facilities.

Protx Risk Management’s senior living insurance programs are designed to address the exposures CCRCs face due to the diverse services they provide. We offer a broad range of coverages – from General and Professional Liability insurance to protect against the slips and falls that can occur on the premises to the errors that nurses, caretakers, and others can make while performing their duties. The most serious professional liability risks at CCRCs involves elopement – cases where residents with dementia leave the facilities without adequate supervision – allegations of improper care, and failure to follow a physician’s orders leading to a patient’s injury or death.

Beyond GL & PL Insurance

You can also secure Auto Liability insurance, including Hired and Non-Owned coverage, to protect your insured’s assets in the event an employee is in a car accident using his or her car while on the job. In addition, we can provide you with the full spectrum of Property insurance to cover an insured’s building, including multiple locations, contents, Crime, Business Interruption and other valuable coverages that CCRCs need so that they can continue to offer seniors a place to call home.

We also can provide Medicare Billing Liability, Cyber Liability, Employment Practices Liability, and Workers’ Compensation through our markets.

Protx can help you provide your clients with risk management services through the broad network of carriers with which we partner – services that are critical in helping CCRCs mitigate losses, minimize accidents, and protect both residents and employees.