Protx: Insuring Nursing Homes

 Nursing homes provide the highest level of care, are hospital-like in nature and are, therefore, the most expensive of all senior housing options. In addition, they are also the most highly regulated of the senior housing facilities, typically requiring state licenses. Many nursing homes offer acute and intensive medical care, and post-hospitalization and rehabilitation therapies. Medicare and Medicaid programs cover a large portion of these expenses, with government reimbursements accounting for a significant portion of revenue at these facilities.

At Protx Risk Management, we understand the varied exposures inherent at nursing homes and the coverages required to address these risks. Our underwriters have a high degree of expertise in this market and will help you properly assess an operation to see if any coverage gaps exist and where coverage improvements can be made. We can also assist you in helping your insureds mitigate risk and remain in compliance while effectively serving their patients’ needs.

Meeting the Insurance Needs of Today’s Nursing Homes

We work with a network of top-rated carriers committed to writing this class of business, and offer number of key insurance solutions:

  • Property coverage including Business Interruption and Crime insurance not only for the nursing home itself, but also for the property/funds of the residents.
  • General Liability/Professional Liability available from the same carrier with the defense portion of the Professional Liability coverage “in addition to the limit of liability” so as not to impair the limit available for any judgments. We can also provide solutions for the growing liability risks of data security and privacy violations at nursing homes.
  • Automobile Liability including vehicles owned by the nursing home and personal vehicles used by employees and volunteers for work-related issues.
  • Medicare Billing Liability in the event of billing errors as a result of the Recovery Audit Contractor and other federal audits. Coverage includes defense and audit fines and penalties.
  • Cyber Liability including first and third-party coverages essential for all healthcare organization. 
  • Employment Practices Liability to protect employers from increasingly more lawsuits being filed by employees for discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination and other employment-related allegations.
  • Workers’ Compensation including assistance with risk management and safety programs to help mitigate employee accidents and injuries.

The risks involved with nursing homes are complex and require a partner with both expertise and longevity in the market. Protx will provide you with both – we are specialists in senior living insurance and have established a reputation among agents and brokers as providing best-in-class coverage at competitive pricing.